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Using Chestnut Trees and Other Mast Crops to Create Deer Magnets

By planting a variety of fruit and nut trees – particularly when the Dunstan Chestnut tree is involved – a landowner can create a deer hunting magnet that provides both nutritional and attractant value for white-tailed deer in the area.

Interested in growing chestnuts – and other nut and fruit trees – for hard and soft mast production that provides nutritional and attractional value for white-tailed deer?

Well, you should be.

"It is the easiest and most effective way to draw deer and keep them on your property for a long period of time," said Robert "Bob" Dunstan Wallace, grandson of Dr. Robert T. Dunstan, the late renowned plant breeder who helped bring back the American chestnut tree from the brink of extinction.

"If you've got land, you need fruit and nut trees to attract deer," added Wallace, the owner of

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