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How to Trim Shooting Lanes for Fall Deer Hunting

Trimming shooting lanes is an art. The work is intense, especially during summer's blazing heat. But being creative and keeping the right tools handy will make a tedious job much easier to tackle. Don't' forget: What you trim during the summer will look vastly different come fall. (Photo by Thomas Allen)

Clean your shooting lanes now for unobstructed, lethal shots while deer hunting this fall.

Text, photos, videos by Thomas Allen

In its simplest form, trimming shooting lanes to aid in a clean, lethal and ethical shot seems like a fairly basic and necessary skill for the dedicated whitetail hunter. But you'd be surprised at how many times the task is done incorrectly, and to the disadvantage of the hunter behind the grip of the shears.

Typically, I'd stick to the notion that less is more, but in all reality every treestand, shooting house, ground blind — ...

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